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UV CTPP is researched and developed innovatively by Anhui Phoenix Plate Technology Co., Ltd to meet the  UV CTPP technical progress. The plate not only can meet the demand of UV CTP plate making but also be applied to traditional and manual plate making technic. Excellent component combination and producing technic make the plate to be provided with high-sensitive, strong compatible, stable quality and so on characteristics.


Special high grade Aluminium

Using high grade Aluminium as the backstop to keep the even surface, exact dimension and all kinds of physics and mechanical capabilities.


Compound halftone frame, close-grained oxidation layer

Making  halftone frame on the substrate by a series of mechanically abrading and electrochemistry techniques to form multilayer Compound halftone frame and close-grained oxidation layer on the surface to ensure the plate to keep exact dot-reproduction and excellent endurance.


Hydrophile management to substrate

UV-CTPP ps plate adopt Hydrophile managed substrate to not only ensure the firm combination between sensitive layer and substrate but also improve the balance between water and ink so that it prevent from scum when machine idle and during printing.


Excellent coat component

UV CTPP ps plate adopt excellent coat component to make the plate keep well-proportioned coating apparent, high sensitive speed, fine dot-reproduction, wide plate making operation latitude and 30,000  to 50,000 pressrun. The plate is very suitable to UV CTPP plate making for its high sensitive speed and excellent dot-reproduction so that it is very fit for commercial top grade color printing and newspaper printing.

Flocking coating: (light ) green; after exposure: light blue.


Making small grain on the surface

When used as UV CTPP plate, no flock coating; when used as traditional positive ps plate, using flock coating to shorten the vacuumizing time so that ensure the close touch between film and plate and prevent the dot becomes weak.

Direct to plates or Computer to plates all are ok to use our plates.









Positive UV CTcP plate


Spectral sensitivity:

380-405 nm


Exposure energy:



Developing time:

20-30 seconds


Developing Conditions

Pure Developer: Water =1:4,









(Varies with its printing conditions and imaging content )






Make adjustment according to the speed of machine

Drum Speed


Make adjustment according to the energy of machine





Yellow light


































Store, open, transport

Light, heat can making coating happen chemic change, so store temperature:10-30,

relative humidity:65

Open under yellow light; suggest to plate making without sunlight, except printing down light, all other light should be yellow light.

Lightly take up and down, prevent bump, break, throw, stacking height 1.5 meter.


Storage life

Store according to recommended condition, storage life:12 months.




specifications︰ 1048 784 0.30
889 586 0.20
400 510 0.15
400 510 0.20
550 650 0.20
605 740 0.30
615 724 0.30
1030 820 0.30
889 586 0.20
566 555 0.20
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Advantages︰ Our CTCP plate takes use of the high quality aluminum plate with Hydrophilization processing,with the following advantages:
1)High sensitivity,short exposure time
Our CTCP plate with its substrate of hydrophilic trdatment can guarantee the high sensitivity and shorten the exposure time,which makes the printing work more efficiently.
2)High quality aluminum substrate,complex grain structure and dense oxidized layer
The special high quality aluminum substrate is adopted as the substrate that guarantees the loatness of plates,precise plates size and various physical mechanical properties.
Multi-layered complex grain structure and dense oxidized layers are formed on the surface of the substrate through grain treatment with a series of chemical and electric chemical methods,to ensure that the plate possesses precise dot reproduction and excellent anti-abrasion.
3)Tolerance operation,Excellent Plate Setter Compatibility
Our CTCP plate easy to operate and tllerance to be compatible with various CTCP plate setters in the current market.

Export Markets︰ all over the world

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Min Order︰ 500sqm

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